Hotel Safety And Job Training

hotelWe can assure you and all our guests that all our employees at the hotel are highly trained specialists with the proper hotel safety and qualifications.  We understand how important job safety and training is and aim to provide the best training for all of our employees.  We have more joint health & safety certification info for anyone that requires this information.

Our hotel specializes in everything from preparing gourmet food, to turn-downs.  If you require anything done for your room, please do not hesitate to ask or call us at front desk.  We aim to provide the best service for all our guests and visitors.  Our staff is highly trained in workplace safety and rules and regulations.  In terms of any emergency matters, all of our staff are trained in first aid and CPR.  You can rest easy knowing that we are all here to take the best care of you.

We have gotten our training from the best services and programs.  We believe that safety is the most important factor in the workplace.  Along with providing the best service for our guests, we truly believe that safety comes first.  For JHSC certification, visit if you require more information from our training.  Our employees are certified in many different areas including prevention slips and trips, responsive behaviours, emergency services, fire specific hazards training, client handling programs, and much more.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and we will do our best to respond.

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